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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

For you. Yes you 2011 :)

Dengan nama Allah yang maha pemurah lagi maha mengasihani..

27/12/2011      04:25 AM

This one for you.

2011 almost complete. check ur wishlist for 2011, make sure its almost complete. for me? only half fulfilled. Huhu

it's time to revisit your memory of 2011, before the diary seal and turn a new leaf for 2012. :)

It's such another tough year, for me. On the other side, 2011 also my best year. Why so? 

Cause of them:

Frisbee, when i was part of them :)

Such a happy face :)

Abg yo. I wont forget how he comfort me in the jungle. sobs

meaningfull :)

Gonna lost her next year :(

Secret recipe waitress! banyak sgt pengalaman dikutip mse nie :)

sisterhood. :)

Graduan aspire. :)
And much more :)

For 2011, i got best gift for my birthday. Love. Him. 


So welcome 2012. Wish you full with new spirit, hope, friendship and love. :D

For you who call me miss peace, i'm sorry for what happen in 2011. Truly.

P/S: Don't dwell in the past, let it go. Cause everything happen for it reasons :)

"Maybe God has a bigger plan for me than i had for myself-Jamie Sullivan" 
A walk to remember, 2002

"Sedangkan langit yang besar pun Allah jaga, tak kan kamu yang kecil nie Allah nak biarkan"
Kak sunah, 2011

" tak semua benda yang kita nak dalam dunia nie, kita dapat"
Kak Atul, 2011


panda putih said...

wish u happy life for 2012. (^^)

NadiRah said...

g0t LOVE...
so sweet~ ^^

asyiqeenMdNor said...

sangat, suka ayat2 kat bawah tu... :D

IQ = Iez Qis said...

macam kenal la yang sisterhood tu...

nama dia apa ek? dia 89 kn? kan?

Nur Amira Ramli said...

@panda putih : thanks. you too :)

@nad: hehe :)

@iqeen: kan kan? :)

@IQ: akak aku tu :)

Mohd Syafiq Naim Mohd Zabidi said...

why my picture is there? me dont want there. booo

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